Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to the conference on the occasion of 40th anniversary
of the founding of the Faculty of Civil Engineering
„Water in Environment“
which will take place on 22nd – 24th November, 2017
in  hotel Dalia in Košice, Slovakia.

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The purpose of this event is to bring together scientists, researchers and practitioners in the field of water management to share experiences and successes. We provide an international forum for presenting and discussing the latest developments in both the fundamental basis and the applicability of state-of-the-art knowledge that can be effectively used for solving a variety of important issues in water resources management.

The high quality papers from the Symposium will be published in a special issue of the Springer Book.

Scientific committee

Martina Zeleňáková
Ketil Haarstad
Magdaléna Bálintová
Håkon Borch
Zuzana Vranayová
Adam M. Paruch
Kamila Kotrasová


Hydrology and Climatology
Water Quality
Urban and Landscape Water Managment
Environmental Technology and Water Treatment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Water Structures
Flood and Drought Risk
Hydrodynamic Modeling